Dave Stevens

Our Pastor

Pastor David Stevens is a God fearing, God loving man. He is an ordained Pastor with the Church of God movement out of Anderson, Indiana. He has also been the pastor of Freewill Baptist and General Baptist. Pastor Dave was called into the ministry in 1982. He served as an evangelist for 5 years where he preached in tent revivals, church revivals, and even on the street. He has had church programs on TV and on the internet. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Divinity and Bible studies. He has also completed a two year doctrinal study, which he gives God all the glory for. Pastor Dave uses his studies, anointed calling to teach and preach God word.

Pastor Dave believes the calling to be a pastor goes beyond the walls of the church. He serves as the chaplain of a nursing home, the county jail, and the local hospital. He has also written a book called “A Pastor’s Story” which touches on his salvation, calling into the ministry and life as a preacher; he also deals with a vision on the rapture.

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